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       - High-speed Direct Sublimation Printer                                              
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  • Gray Scale printing technology applicable

  • Printing Speed up to 216sqm/hr, Resolution up to 605x1200DPI

  • Printing Width up to 3.2m with no limit for length

  • Printing, Drying and Roll winding function all in one

  • Disperse ink directly printing on fabric & Dye-sublimation ink on transfer paper

  • Printing capability on transfer paper, polyester fabric, blended fabric, blackout fabric etc 



1 1. Grayscale technology
Max. to 2 rows, with 8 Ricoh print heads with variable drop size minimum starts from 7 pl to 35pl. This allows users to produce more sharp images output with smoother gradients and quartertones, meanwhile to produce uniform, solid colors.
 2 2. Automatic nozzle suction, cleaning and capping system
To ensure continuous production, and for a possible ink reuse under circulation.
 3 3. Ink degassing system
The ink degassing system is to eliminate the bubble inside the ink, to avoid any
ink starvation during printing.
 4 4. Self-adjusting negative pressure system
Automatic negative pressure adjustment system and lung type air tank provide
guarantee for stable negative pressure.
 5 5. New priming system with ink recovery function
New design priming system will recover the ink when you do purging, which will
help to save ink a lot.
 6 6. Two adjustable pressure pinch roller system
High precision servo motor, large robber roller and two adjustable pressure pinch
roller effective guarantee the media feeding, no wrinkle.
 7 7. Metal encoder strip and dual rail
More accurate ink drop location, higher degree of accuracy printing.
 8 8. Infrared drying system
Double-barreled infrared drying in the front. Heating and drying will be terminated
immediately while stop printing, which effectively avoid the color difference due to
different heating and drying period.
 9 9. Loading and tension system and Wrinkle get-rid-of system.
Eliminate and get rid of wrinkle on the surface of textile efficiently, to ensure everysingle drop on the proper location during printing.


Print head 4/8 Ricoh Print heads
Print modes
Draft quality:                                 216sqm/hr
Standard quality:                           114sqm/hr
High quality:                                   86sqm/hr
Ultra quality:                                   60sqm/hr
 Print resolution Up to 605x120 dpi
 Technology Piezoelectric inkjet, Grayscale Technology
 Inks types Disperse & Dye-sublimation
 Inks cartridge colors
 Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
 Inks cartridge size  4 liter (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
 File formats  TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc.
 Rip software Photoprint Flora Edition 10.5, Caldera 9.2, Neostampa 7
Media System  
 Loading & Take up System 
Printing and take-up linkage mechanism, adjustable tension system
 Roll-feed media support
Transfer paper, polyester fabric, blended fabric, blackout fabric etc.
up to 325cm wide, with a roll dimension 40cm,up to 100kg in weight
  Daul barreled infrared drying in the front. Printing system and heating system linkage
Dimensions (l x w x h)
 Printer  523×98×172cm  
 Shipping  574×110×210cm  
Operating conditions
Temperature 20 to 30ºC
Relative Humidity 35% - 65%, non-condensing
Maximum System: 950W                  Heating: 10 Kw
Requirements System Voltage: 220 VAC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 16AHeating Voltage: 220 VAC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 46A
  One year limited warranty. (please consult your local dealer for accurate data)

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