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Product Code  TM1800 / TC320
Product Name   TM1800 / TC320  Feature Part Transfer Printing Machine
In Stock  Yes
Print Type Transfer printing, Ironing, fixed, fixing the calendar
Working Width: 1800 mm is
Cylinder Diameter: 320 mm is
Heating system: Closed Circuit oil heating.
Working speed: Early 200-350 mt. between production
Mak. Electric power: 23 kW of electrical power (three-phase) 380 V, 50-60 Hz
Continuous Coverage: Approximately 12 Kw hours of electricity consumption.
Pressure System: Max. 6 bar air pressure
Drives: A.C Inverter
Potent Blood pressure and speed Adjustable Fabric Winding System
Felt:? 0 nomextir
Net Weight: 1,150 Kg.
The area covered by
Width: 1050 mm
Length: 2800 mm
Height: 1350 mm
Two motors are machines.
Wrapping paper insertion preventive Place and Location
C for 70 minutes after turning the power on 230 per cent respectively.
For safety reasons, run back to the master cylinder.
There are safety and Fabric Belt Scraper for scraping.
Has an average system automatically seals.
There Cooling Fan Pad.
The machine width 1800 mm.
To be used in case of power failure the cylinder has a manual crank.
Entrance to the machine for emergency stop and safety wire barrier that prevents compression cylinders are used.

Air Miles
Fabric Cooler Fan
Extra paper ball from the top mount
Tension Rod Protector paper



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