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Dataworks was founded in 1991 at Greece as High Technology company and soon specialized at Sign Making & Digital Printing machinery.

Dataworks represents in Greece, some of the most famous, worldwide manufacturers like Mutoh, Summa, SEI, GCC, VenusLF, Flora, Axyz, Aristo and more.

At both sites, Dataworks has showroom with demo machines, well organised service department with technicians with long history and experience and also stock of consumables and parts for digital printing machines.

Dataworks participates at the most important exchibitions at Greece for Graphic arts and Signmaking !


Graphica 2017 video https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=856145534760709

Graphica 2019 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_tJWzh-sWg


Thank you for visiting our webpage.

As our company mainly works at the Greek market, the english version of our site is not always up-to-date. We apologise for any inconvinience for the non-speaking Greek visitors of our site.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for every question to our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dataworks imports and represents in Greece, some of the most famous, worldwide manufacturers.

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MUTOH (Large format Printer – Japan/Belgium) : Official & Authorised reseller.

FLORA DIGITAL (China) : Wide format solvent and UV flatbed printers for roll to roll and rigid materials.

SUMMA (Cutting Plotters – Belgium) : The most reliable, fast, accurate and efficient cutting plotters in the world.

SEI LASERS (Italy) : Professional Laser cutting and marking systems.

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GCC (TAIWAN) : Επαγγελµατικά Laser συστήματα & Κοπτικά ρολού για μικρές και μεσαίου μεγέθους επιχειρήσεις.

Με μικρά Laser για χάραξη σφραγίδων και χάραξη-κοπή διαφημιστικών και διακοσμητικών υλικών, εως και laser ισχύος εως 100-200w. Αξιόπιστα κοπτικά ρολού σε προσιτές τιμές από 60cmεως και 180cm.


CAMTECH International & AXYZ International (Canada) :

Robust CNC Routers for Heavy Duty processing on hard and soft materials. Equipped with i-cut and oscillating knife for contour cutting of printed soft materials.

aristo logo ARISTO (Germany) : Flatbed Cutters with multi tools, for Cutting, Routing, Creasing, etc, for Finishing and Packaging.

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EMBLEM : High quality printing media and laminations.

KiianPremium Sublimation Ink (Italy - ex Manukian)

VenusLF Printmedia: Οικονομική σειρά υλικών ψηφιακής εκτύπωσης με επιλεγμένα υλικά και άριστη σχέση ποιότητας και τιμής. Αυτοκόλλητο βινύλιο, Πλαστικοποίηση, Μουσαμάς, Ταπετσαρία, Canvas, κ.α.

VenusLF inks: Γερμανικής κατασκευής Premium quality μελάνια Eco Solvent, Mild Solvent & UV κατάλληλα για εκτυπωτικά Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, & UV εκτυπωτικά, κ.α.

VenusLF JET printers: Υψηλής ανάλυσης large format eco solvent εκτυπωτικά με αξιόπιστη λειτουργία και προσιτή τιμή.

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VenusLF promotional: Diplay & roll up stands, Alpha stands.

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DAYA : Quality printing pvc banners and mesh at very competitive prices.

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: Self Adhesive Films and laminations.

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ASLAN (Germany): Επίσημος αντιπρόσωπος και εισαγωγέας των αυτοκόλλητων μεμβρανών της Γερμανικής Aslan.

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INKWIN(China): Επίσημος αντιπρόσωπος και εισαγωγέας μελανιών για εκτυπωτικά EcoSolvent & Solvent.

Neolt (Italy): Πλαστικοποιητές ρολού & µαχαίρια κοπής μεγάλου πλάτους.
Η εταιρεία επίσης αντιπροσωπεύει και διαθέτει τα γνωστά RIP προγράµµατα της Αμερικάνικης εταιρίας ONYX, τα προγράµµατα κοπής EASYCUT (Germany).

Επίσημος αντιπρόσωπος της Αμερικάνικης εταιρείας ONYX η οποία παράγει RipΠρογράμματα για οδήγηση εκτυπωτικών μεγάλου format.


Αντιπρόσωπος της ίσως πιο διαδεδομένης εφαρμογής Signmakingγια επιγραφοποιούς.

Dataworks also supplies Greek market with ink cartridges for Mutoh, Roland printers, cutting tips (blades) for the most brands of cutters and small engravers in the market.

Dataworks Service Team, offers Technical Support to customers with Summa, Mutoh, Roland, Mimaki, SEI, Camtech, Flora and several other brands in the market thanks to its very long experience and high skilling at such kind of machinery.

For more information, please visit www.dataworks.gr

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 filikon 58 ktirio
Address: Monastiriou 124a Str,
54627, Thessaloniki
Address: Filikon 58
121 31, Peristeri, Athens
google maps  https://goo.gl/maps/XzJFDmYExS72  google maps : https://goo.gl/maps/tpBSJaSMJD52
Tel: +30 2310566502 (18 lines)
Fax: +30 2310502370
Tel: +30 210 5711811
2102130103, 210.2130104 
Working Hours (Greek time)
09:00 - 17:30
Working Hours (Greek time)
09:00 - 17:30


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