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 PP-1816 UV
        - Hi-Resolution UV flatbed wide format digital printing system   
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1. Konica Minolta printheads
2. 8-16 Konica Minolta Printheads/4colors(CMYK)-8colors(CMYK,LC,LM,+W+V)
3. Outstanding printing speed up to 36sqm/hr
4. Printing format of 1.83*3.2m
5. Roll to roll and rigid materials capability
6. Up to 5.10cm thickness for materials7. Higgest printing resolution of 1440*1440dpi




1. Anti-collision performance
The print head of the product is endowed with the collision resistant function to circumvent the damage caused by wrong operation effectively. When the sensors installed on the both sides of the carriage detect that the position of the print head is lower than the thick medium, the carriage will initiate an immediate stop to protect the print head.

2. High standard configuration
With standard configuration, this UV flatbed inkjet printing machine can be equipped with 16 print heads in 8 colors at maximum. This product allows extending and upgrading on different configurations to enhance its cost performance based on the demands of clients. The product can be installed with 8 to 16 Konica 14PL high performance print heads. With 8 print heads in 4 colors (CMYK) or 10 print heads in 5 colors (CMYKW), it can realize white ink dewatering and printing on the transparent or black materials.

This configuration of 12 print heads with 6 colors (CMYKLcLm) is suitable for high precision printing. The double white colors and spot color varnish printing need 16 print heads in color of CMYKLcLmWW/V. The combination of 16 print heads with the colors of CMYKKYMC is suited for high speed production. In 6 colors, the product is able to show the image with 720dpi high printing output, even 1440dpi ultra high precision output to the upmost. The printed image is perfectly presented with high precision and bright color.

The UV flatbed inkjet printing machine also uses 4 to 8 Spectra Polaris print heads. The maximum allocation is 8 print heads with 8 colors. As for 6 colors (CMYKLcLm) printing, the product adopts 15PL high precision print head. Yet the white color and varnish printing requires 35PL print head to supply rich color.

3. Automatic positioning of medium
It is simple to load the medium through the automatic positioning system, as well as realize the printing from edge to edge.

4. Automatic detection on thickness of mediumm and automated control on height of print head
The maximum thickness of the applicable material for the UV flatbed inkjet printing machine is 100mm. The product is able to measure the thickness of the medium automatically so as to ajust the height of the print head. Therefore, the printing automation and image printing quality of the product are improved.

5. Automatic cleaning system for print head
With the automatic cleaning system controlled by software, the print head is cleaned and cared intelligently. Moreover, the automatic cleaning during printing makes sure the continuous printing output.

6. White ink circulation
The white ink will be cycled constantly to realize smooth supply without break when the machine is printing.

7. Complete white ink application
The Flora UV flatbed inkjet printing machine offers 8 main methods for printing with white ink as covering color, base color, filling color, spot color covering, base spot color, etc. The white ink is suitable for presenting true color on any dark or transparent materials.

8. UV varnish application
Due to the UV varnish, the printed image will be improved with bright effect on the surface, as well as concave and convex effect. Meanwhile, the varnish attached on the surface of the image is able to protect the image to a certain extent.

9. Special three-layer printing
The UV flatbed inkjet printing machine is endowed with three-layer printing in spot color or other colors. It can realize the simultaneous printing with chromatic color, white color and chromatic color. This function is especially suitable for double-sided printing on transparent materials.



General Information  
Printong methods Drop-on-demand piezo electric
Ink reservoirs Refillable on the fly while
printing/4000ml per color
Ink characteristics UV Curable Inks
Print head controls Printhead temperature and voltage
are software adjustable
Media feeding and take-up system
Adjistable tensility electromotor for optimal banner
Media handling options Roll to roll /Rigid Sheets
Drying system UV Lamp
RIP software Photoprint5 Flora
(Windows2000,Windows XP,Pro SP2)
Color management ICC based color,adjustment curves,
density adjustment
File formats Bitmaps,TIFF,FPEG,Postscript3,EPS,PDF,etc
Electrical riquirements 50/60Hz,220V-240V,Maximum 30A
Environmental requirements Ambient temperature:18-30°C,
Relative humidity:40-70%
Warranty One year limited warranty.
(Please consult your local dealer for accurate data)
Technical Specification  
Model PP1816UV
Printing heads Konica Minolta printhead
No.of Print heads 8-16 heads
Color 4 coors(CMYK),8colors(CMYK,LC,LM+W+V)
Resolution options 360*360/720*720/1440*1440dpi
Printing Speed Standard Quality: Up to 36sqm/hr High Quality:
Up to 24.3sqm/hr Ultra Quality:
Up to 17.8sqm/hr
Maximum media format 183cm*320cm
Maximum printing width 183cm
Maximum roll dimensions 30cm
Maximum media thickness 5.1cm
Media Types Rigid media include corrugated,foam core,gatorboards
sintra(PVC),ceramic tiles,glass,plexiglass,wood,sheet
metal,Roll to roll include paper,vinlys,adhesive back
Outdoor durability 2 years(with Flora inks)
Dimensions 4.2m L*3.75m W*1.25m H
Net Weight 1600kg





Specification Sheet



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