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G-Mark Advance
About G-Mark Advance
G-Mark Advance Marking Software has been exclusively designed for the LaserPro Stellar Mark marking system. The combination of the software, hardware and your imagination will give you the tools to create professional graphics, text and bar code images. G-Mark Advance allows you to be in control of every facet of the laser marking process. By becoming more familiar with the various features of the software, you can easily and safely harness the power of the Stellar Mark..
Excellency in image engraving with 1000 dpi resolution
C-Series Sample: Engraving on paper I-Series Sample: Engraving on stainless steel
Graphic library
G-Mark Advance has generated many delicate and beautiful clipart for you to create the uniqueness of your marked piece.
This will allow all kinds of parameter settings for each application and material saved in G-Mark Advance and will help users to receive an initial parameter for their application, so users can find their optimized quality in a very short time.
Imports CAD and Raster Files
G-Mark Advance is offering Stellar Mark users the best solution to increase productivity and profit by its powerful features.
Baseline –
Will align selected text along a designated path.
Vector Merge -
Combines two objects so that the outline remains while eliminating the overlapping lines.
Contour –
This function will create an outline on a selected bitmap image.
Matrix Copy –
This function will allow you to copy an individual object into an ordered series.
Supports all Windows-based True Type Fonts
Dry run for visual position adjusting with red dot pointer
Smart output manager  
Auto Text
G-Mark Advance is offering you the best solution available to substitute the selected text and numerically serialize each item automatically.
Show order
G-Mark Advance allows you to adjust the printing sequence of all objects.
User Password Protection
Fourteen 1-D and two 2-D barcodes
Easy Drawing and Editing
(Resize, Duplicate, Align Spacing, Arctext etc.)
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