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 Dye Sublimation & Digital Transfer
             - Mutoh's Indoor & Digital Transfer Equipment is suited for Dye Sublimation & Imaging Applications                                                    
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The Mutoh printer range for water-based inks – available in widths from 1080 mm (42”) up to 2600 mm (102,36”) is targeted at businesses focusing on the production of high-quality graphics for indoor and short term outdoor use. For regular poster printing applications on a wide range of coated substrates, the printers can be loaded with water-based dye or pigmented inks.  For soft sign applications, the printers can be loaded with Mutoh disperse dye sublimation inks. Mutoh provides turnkey solutions including printer, inks, software and after treatment equipment – all you need to make a flying start into dye sublimation. 

Soft Signage: Don't Miss the Opportunity

Produce with the Environment in Mind

Increase your Profit Margins


Expand your business beyond vinyl and banner printing by adding soft signage production to your portfolio. Explore new revenue opportunities such as high quality in-store textile decoration and displays, textile banners, pop-ups, sportswear, personalised home decoration, gadgets, shirts and many more.

In dye sublimation printing, images are printed in reverse onto transfer paper. After printing, a heat press or calender fixes the images onto polyester-based textiles. The heat process bonds the images permanently into the fabric. Colours are bright and vibrant. Outputs are durable & washable. Importantly, unlike other inkjet technologies, the sublimation process does not affect the handling and feel of the material.

Using Mutoh’s water-based dye sublimation inks and easily available uncoated recyclable polyester-based materials means there is no need for forced ventilation, as the inks are free from harmful VOCs and hazardous components. The prints are also odourless.  

Soft signage is much easier to pack & ship which reduces transport costs, as it folds easily to reduce space and is of course extremely lightweight.  An important plus is that soft signage can be washed (if necessary) and re-used with no fade.

Water-based dye sub inks, available in bulk bottles, will enable you to lower your cost per copy. Paper prints are produced faster, which increases your productivity. You work with uncoated low-cost readily available polyester fabrics. Plus you offer a higher end luxurious product with premium appearance, touch and feel, which can be sold at a higher price compared to regular vinyl, paper and banner prints.