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Mutoh's goal is to deliver total solutions. Together with our products, we supply a range of optional accessories (take-up systems,  automatic winders, bulk ink systems, …) to make your production process easier, faster and hassle-free.

Ink is a crucial part of the printing process. Depending on your application, we supply the right inks.

Mutoh works with all the leading RIP software vendors so that you have a choice dependent on budget and application for whichever product you choose.

Accessories & Options



Mutoh’s core philosophy is to deliver you a robust printer ready for day to day production with reliable inks that are perfectly matched to your application. To complete your solution and configure it to your target print volume, we supply a range of optional accessories.

Ink is a crucial part of the printing process. Using inks that work together faultlessly with the print head and media in production to give you optimum performance and output quality is an area Mutoh invest heavily in.

Mutoh's software policy is to deliver you total but open solutions, meaning you can freely choose which optional software pack best fits your needs. Whatever your preference of RIP, your investment is safe, since all Mutoh Edition RIP solutions can be easily upgraded as your business grows with either new or extra equipment.